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Direct Client Landscape: Finding and Landing Direct Clients

Appropriate for: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Career-switcher


Whether you’re curious about landing direct clients, terrified of attempting it or already trying to find direct clients...but perhaps fewer than you’d like, this course is for you!

Direct clients aren’t actually all that scary and they can actually be even easier to land than translation agencies -- it’s true...promise!

BUT you can’t approach direct clients in the same way you approach agencies, so it’s important to understand what is involved and build a strategy instead of wasting your time sending random e-mails or calling random people.

In this course, we will cover:

➠ Where exactly to find those elusive direct clients

➠ How to identify and start building relationships with your prospective direct clients

➠ How to determine who on Earth at your ideal customer is in charge of hiring translators

➠ Finally, you’ll learn how to approach them and extend an offer for your services

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