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This is how you become both.

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Our Mission

Success by Rx is dedicated to helping freelancers TAKE ACTION to succeed without having to spend hours digesting content. Everyone is different and our needs as freelancers change constantly. Tackle your next business challenge by leveraging the short and to-the-point content (with new content added regularly!), and then get support from Jenae live at her weekly office hours sessions or ask Jenae and your colleagues in our supportive members-only community. Learn the business. Learn the technology. Learn the tools. Learn the processes. It’s all in one place.

Jenae has been a French > English translator for over 10 years specializing in medical and technical translation. She spent too much time early on learning to run a business, making preventable mistakes, with no guidance and too little time pursuing her passion of translating. Five years ago, she decided to reach out and help other translators who had the language and translation skills to succeed but were struggling just like she did to run a successful freelance translation business.

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Happy Members

What our members say about Success by Rx

Happy Members

What our Members say about Success by Rx

Success by Rx is all the business expertise and motivation you need to get your translation business off the ground.

Marco Díaz

English to Spanish Translator

marco translator

Without Success by Rx and the valuable insights it has provided me, I would not be growing my business and increasing my productivity as much as I am every month.

Keith Baddeley

IT, business and financial translator — into English from Spanish, French and Romanian

Veracitrad – veracity in translation

There is no shortage of business coaches out there, but the language services industry is unique in many ways and I was very happy to discover Success by Rx, a coaching program specifically for translators, created by a successful translator. Jenae shares her knowledge and experience openly, and the online members' group provides a supportive environment in which to ask questions, test out ideas, and receive feedback.

Deepti Limaye

Spanish-English translator and editor Owner

Limaye Spanish-English Language Services

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