Hey there!
So you’re curious about this Success by Rx thing, right? 
Well, let me start by introducing myself. I’m Jenae Spry, the creator of Success by Rx (that's me, on the right) and there’s one really important thing you should know…
I didn’t go to business school. 
And if I had to guess, I would bet you didn’t either. Am I right? Your story might even be a lot like mine. What I did do is get an undergraduate degree in French (no, I wasn’t thinking about job prospects...I just wanted to speak French for a job...seriously) from the University of Kentucky in my home state and then I made one of those “follow your dreams” decisions and I moved across the country to delve deeper into language studies at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (now the Middlebury Institute) and I graduated in 2007 proudly (and VERY naively) armed with a Professional Certificate of Translation and a Masters from one of the most prestigious programs in the world. What could go wrong, right?
But something did go wrong. I had NO IDEA how to run a business.
And the world had bad news for me. It turns out that’s how people make money as translators – running a freelance translation business. Wait…what? Oops... I had no idea how to get customers, keep customers, find the right customers (what did that even mean anyway?), leverage technology, how to manage projects once I got them, or even what to charge. In short: I. Was. Clueless.
I had killer translation skills and no idea how to sell them.
My career path was once more full of failure than success. Now, I realize that’s probably not the most popular statement to put on the “About” page, but it’s true.
I failed. I failed a lot. I failed repeatedly and just when I thought I had found all the ways one could fail…guess what I did? I found a new way! Congratulations to me? Umm…anyway…
The good news is that after all this,
I stopped failing and started succeeding…and then…I started thriving.
If you’re saying “wait wait…but how?” I’m getting there.
I looked back over my career and I thought to myself “I really wish someone had taught me all of this so I could have avoided so much pain, fear, frustration and tears (yes, tears).” So even though I can’t go back in time now and help “new graduate Jenae” avoid all of that, I can help you.
So, I built a way to tell you everything I possibly can so that your path to success will be smoother, more enjoyable and generally better than mine.
Success by Rx is the accumulation of this…it’s the “how” chapter in this story.
I am ruthlessly passionate about helping freelancers achieve success. I have seen far too many incredibly talented freelancers give up before they ever have a chance to give the world the gift of communication.
I cannot wait to help you, teach you, support you, and accompany you as you travel this bumpy, but rewarding road of running a freelance translation business.
My mission is to give you anything and everything I can in order for you to not just succeed, but thrive.

Welcome to Success by Rx.

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