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Building the Perfect Resume

Appropriate for: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Career-switcher


Your school advisers, human resources friends and well-meaning professionals have steered you the wrong way. How do I know? Because unless these people have run a business before, they're advising you to create a resume as an employee who is looking for employment -- that's not you!

YOU are a business. If you use this "employee" resume, guess how your clients will see you? Yep, as their employee, NOT as their partner.

It's time to change that. This course will help you figure out exactly how to build the right resume for your background whether you're straight out of school, changing careers or you just don't seem to be getting responses despite your efforts. 

And don't worry, there's a template for you no matter your needs! 

You will learn:

  • Why a chronological resume is a mistake
  • How to build the right resume for you
  • What to include in your resume (prepare to be surprised!)
  • How to "game the system" and make sure your resume gets you work even when you're "in the database"

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