Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on the site?
Registered members have access to tons of content. This isn’t a static program requiring a huge investment of time like a class where you complete each class to move on to the next. It’s made so that you can jump from topic to topic. There are currently 10 videos, 2 full webinars and 15 downloads including resume templates, cover letter templates, e-mail templates for dealing with sticky situations, a workflow manager I built just for you and more. I’ll be adding new content constantly so you’ll always have new information and that content will be based on YOUR needs. Moreover, anything I do or make will be uploaded. Any webinar I give will be recorded and added to the site for you to watch when you want including the Q&A.

How does it work?
It’s divided into 3 sections: Get Work, Get Organized and Get Productive, which tend to be the primary struggles of freelancers. You can utilize just one or all of them depending on your needs. Each section will contain several videos and each video will be accompanied by the links for the appropriate downloads. For example, the Resume video is accompanied by 4 downloads: two sample resumes and two resume templates. It’s easy to get overwhelmed so I suggest you pick one video per week and focus on just that topic and trying to implement the tools it gives you. Once you’ve mastered it, choose another goal.

Where does the live coaching come in?
Every Friday at 9 AM PST (12 PM EST/5 PM GMT/6 PM CET), I’ll be holding a webinar-style coaching session. You’ll be able to ask questions (via microphone or chat box) and get feedback about whatever you’re struggling with live. You can even attend and ask questions anonymously. Every session will be recorded and added to the membership site so you can watch it if you missed it or replay it whenever you want. Not only will you get my feedback, but your fellow translators can tell you how they overcame your problem too!

What if I can’t attend the coaching but have tons of questions?
I have a members-only Facebook group that I monitor multiple times a day. OK, if I’m being honest, it’s more like every few minutes, but I digress. I’m here to support you however I can so you can always ask your questions there whenever you have them. The Facebook group even has an anonymous question box so you can drop your questions anonymously and I’ll answer them in the group.

What specific software programs or apps are covered?
Currently, I have videos on ABBYY FineReader, Wordfast, Remember The Milk, and Pipedrive. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is among the most frequently requested and those videos are in the works now and will be released very soon. I’ve also been asked about WordPress so that’s under consideration. Have a suggestion? E-mail me and ask me to cover it.

Are the videos just training videos for software or apps?
Absolutely not. Our three most popular videos are Setting Rates, Intro to Marketing & Sales, and the Productivity in Translation Webinar. The concepts and systems are just as important, if not MORE important than the ability to use the tools. The best part is that the videos on specific tools are made to teach you concepts that can be transferred to a different tool. Learn how to manage your tasks and to do list using Remember The Milk, but feel free to choose any app (or a piece of paper) to apply the concepts. Or, learn the basics of workflow management with the Pipedrive video but feel free to skip using Pipedrive all together.

What if the topic or program I want isn’t covered?
This program is designed to serve the needs of its members so I want to hear from you! Please, e-mail me right now and ask me to cover it.

Is there anything that’s not included?
No. I’ve been so inspired by every freelancer I’ve been able to help but it’s never been enough for me. Since there are only 24 hours in a day, I researched quite a bit until I found the best way to help the most freelancers achieve success so I created this system as a way to help you as efficiently as possible.