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{Webinar Replay} How to Leverage LinkedIn for Translators & Interpreters

Are you letting this free tool go to waste?

LinkedIn can help you get in front of your target market, establish your authority AND generate leads…IF you know how to use it.

In this webinar replay you will discover:

👉 How to identify your target market on LinkedIn

👉 How to optimize your profile, connections, followers and target customers

👉 How to get engagement and turn leads into customers


Bio of the presenter, Martina Russo:

Translator. Business owner. Outdoors enthusiast and a true world citizen. For over seven years, Martina has been helping brands communicate with the Italian, Swiss Italian and European markets. A passionate approach to professional translation is what she loves about her work: nothing makes her prouder than empowering brands to speak to new audiences.

Alongside translation, she established Freelancer at Work, an e-commerce site that enables freelancers and entrepreneurs advertise their services 24/7 with a range of custom decals.working in language services since 2004.

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