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Managing Legal Issues for Translators

This course is all about business issues faced by translator-entrepreneurs.

No one likes to think about compliance with state business regulations, licenses or potential legal problems, but we can help you gain clear understanding of these necessary evils, so you can get back to doing what you love—translation and interpreting!

You will be taught how to recognize and deal with legal and small business issues.

Some of the questions we will discuss and answer are:

👉 Should I incorporate and how is that done?

👉 Do I need to reserve my business name and how do I do it?

👉 Do I really need a separate business bank account?

👉 What about insurance and minimizing the risk of lawsuits?

👉 How do I get a handle on payments and collections?

We will also talk about:

👉 When to seek professional advice,

👉 Minimizing costs and getting FREE business services, and

👉 Planning for the unexpected.


About the Instructor

Paige Dygert is an attorney with over 20 years of experience working as in-house counsel for companies such as ADT Security, Perry Ellis and Bacardi.  Having studied languages since early childhood, Paige regularly used her language skills to perform Spanish and Italian translations in her daily work as an attorney.  Eventually she started a side-gig doing legal to fund her passion for travel.

In 2015 she decided she had had enough of the corporate life, moved to Italy and started her own translation company. She is currently the founder and managing partner of Online Legal Translations, which collaborates exclusively with Lawyer-Translators to perform legal translations.

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