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Expert E-mail Marketing with MailChimp

Appropriate for: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Career-switcher

Prerequisites: None


If you're a translator or interpreter, having solid expertise in e-mail marketing isn't just preferable, it's crucial. As you grow your business, it's very important to forge new relationships with new prospective clients as well as maintain relationships with current (and even past) clients. Many translators seem to know the importance of e-mail marketing but they also seem to be very uncomfortable with it. 

This course is for you if any of these sound like you:

  • You have no idea what e-mail marketing is or why you need it.
  • You know you need e-mail marketing but have no idea how to start.
  • You aren't interested in investing in an expensive or complicated tool for this task.
  • You would like higher response rates when you send e-mails to your prospects.
  • You're not sure what to write to clients.
  • You're not a technology genius.

Whether you're struggling and looking for work or you're ready for the next level, e-mail marketing is an insanely effective tool for growing your business and in the age of digital marketing, it's no longer optional. 

This course will not only help you get up to speed on MailChimp but you'll also learn what to write in your e-mails and how to structure them. If you are already using e-mail marketing but would like to be more successful, this course will show you how you can automate and truly become an expert e-mail marketer.


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